Being a businessman, would you have your office at the thirty third floor of a building that doesn’t have an elevator? Or would you prefer having no doors an only windows for entrance to your office? Well, off course you won’t!

Being a businessman, you would like people to be able to visit your office and you would want it for them to be as convenient as possible, so that they come back again and again. You may even want to decorate your office so well that they love every second of being in your office, and they don’t feel like leaving, and when they leave they are simply thinking of ways to visit your office again.

So why compromise with your website? Again, isn’t the website your office site located at web, isn’t it in other words, your digital existence? Sure it is! And hence you would do anything to make your customer’s visiting experience to your website a remarkable one. You would want your website to be so engaging that not only they would visit your website over and over again, but even tell their friends to check the  coolest ever website out.

Now, while you may have purchased a magnificent looking WordPress theme, and may have added fancy features using the most attractive plugins, are those plugin really efficient in keeping the visitors engaged?

Your customers have a lot of ways to access your website these days, there are so many gadgets with different screen sizes that people use these days, it is not advisable to rely on media queries anymore. If your website doesn’t fit to their screen, they won’t have the right experience you want them to have and hence loose on conversion rate. Therefore, for making your visitors satisfied from your website it is necessary to have the best WordPress performance plugin.

Web design needs to be much responsive so that there are no performance issues at your website. It is not necessary to buy servers that are more powerful and neither is there a need to spend more money unnecessarily. Instead of spending, money on buying servers, avoid performance problems in the right manner.

Why Is Website Performance Important?

When making a website, you have to focus on the needs and requirements of your visitors. Visitors come looking for benefits on your website that matter to them, soal ways try to include perceived benefits of your visitors. Time is the important factor for everyone because people are getting busier enough in these days. No silly, it doesn’t mean you should add a clock to your website. It means the time it takes for the website to load up completely.

Always keep a notice of what is the speed of your website that your visitors  experience when visiting your website. You need to measure the speed of your website so that you can improve its performance. As you cannot improve something you are can’t measure. If you don’t improve your website’s performance, the chances of errors and slowing down of the website increase.

Now there could be multiple reasons for a website to get load slow. One of them is the excessive traffic that visits your website at the same time, or excessive use of external resources, like libraries, classes and scripts etc. Additionally CSS blocking the display or intensive use of JavaScript may also make your website load slower.

Best WordPress Performance Plugins

There are multiple plugins that help increasing the performance of your website, for having more traffic engagement to the website.

√ Query Monitor
It is the free performance plugin for developers, it aims to provide support for debugging phase. It has 60,000 active installations along with an average rating of 4.9/5. This is the best plugin that can detect every type of error easily that occurs during the WordPress development. Query monitor adds menu to the WordPress admin bar and also highlights all the query information that passes through
WordPress. In the debugging context, you can find a lot of useful information like the details about HTTP requests, database queries, and PHP errors. The plugin shows all type of queries including slow queries, duplicate queries, and queries with errors. It also allows to filter out the queries by type, component as well as by the function. It provides information on an active theme like the name of the current template file. A true information is provided on HTTP requests, especially about var queries, rule queries, and permalink structure tags. The plugin also provides information on scripts and styles of the page including their dependencies and versions.

√ Complete Analytics Optimization Suite (CAOS)
If you check your website through Google analytics tracking code, this will tell you what Google thinks about your website load. It recommends you to enable compression and specify the cache for your code. You can add extra numbers to your Google PageSpeed insight test by using Complete Analytics Optimization Suite plugin. This WordPress performance plugin stores the JavaScript code of Google Analytics locally and minimizes it. In addition, it also helps you check regularly if Google has updated the code or not, so you always have an updated version of Analytics for better performance.

√ Perfmatters
By using this plugin, you can improve the WordPress performance by reducing HTTP requests and web page size. This allows you to enable or disable scripts on per page or post basis. It differs from other WordPress plugins because it takes a different approach for improving the loading speed of web page than other plugins. There are some options at WordPress that are enabled by default, but perfmatters makes it possible to disable such options by in few simple clicks. Additionally, by using this plugin, you can prevent add-ins from loading code when it is not needed. It works with the existing cache plugin and also disables scripts on each page.

√ P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)
This plugin scans your website and helps analyze loading time for some of the pages including home, post or categories. After the scanning, you will get a report along with graphics that explains everything clearly. It does not affect the speed of the website as it only scans the page dedicated to it in WordPress. You can easily scan by clicking on start scan or auto scan through which you can find some primary data. Such data includes the number of active plugins, their loading time, queries and their impact on loading time. You will find detailed information in the form of graphs, which is easy to understand.

√ LazyLoad by WP Rocket
Lazy load, you can also translate it as lazy loading, as it allows only loading of the images visible on the screen and not the ones that are above or beneath the viewing focus, isn’t that simply amazing! By using this plugin, you can save a number of requests, loading time, and
the bandwidth by loading only required information at a time. And this plugin even works at thumbnails. It is very simple and does not have much extensive configuration setting options. Go ahead and give these plugins a shot to boost up the performance of your website to provide your visitors with such a rocking experience that they won’t forget ever!

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