Creating a website using WordPress is easy. However, there are multiple security loopholes that you will have to take care of. WordPress provides an easy to build a website without going through any hassle. You just need to install the WordPress to get started on your new website. However, you must know that it is an open source platform so it also comes with multiple security issues that make it easier for the hackers to get into your website. If you are not focusing on few best security practices to keep your website safe, then you will face problems in the future.

If you are installing WordPress on the new website and you are not aware of the basic security loopholes, then we are here to provide you all the solutions that will help you secure your website. You can easily manage the security of your WordPress site. Here are few tips and tricks that you should focus on when securing the WordPress installation.

Securing Passwords

We all know that the selection of the right password matters a lot. If you are creating a WordPress site, then you must always focus on securing your passwords properly. WordPress, initially, will recommend you a strong password. If you want to keep that password, then you can store it in a safe place so you don’t forget it later. If you want to create your own password for the admin area of the website, then you must think of a strong and highly secure password for your WordPress site. Make sure that you are including special characters when generating a password for the first time. Moreover, there are two-factor authentication plugins available for WordPress that you can use to improve the password security of your WordPress site.

Keep your WordPress up to date

Another important factor that you should always keep in mind is to keep your WordPress up to date. WordPress is updated frequently and the new updates will cover the security loopholes to keep the hackers away from entering your WordPress site. If you are not keeping your WordPress up to date, then you won’t be able to secure it properly. If your website is not updated to the latest software version, then it can create multiple problems for you. By keeping your WordPress updated, you will be able to avoid various potential security threats to your WordPress site.

Use the best security plugin

There are various WordPress security plugins out there in the WordPress plugin repository. If you are trying to improve the security of your WordPress site, then you must always consider using the right security plugin. You can use plugins like All in One WP Security or Sucuri Security. By using one of the best WordPress security plugins, you will be able to stay away from potential security threats.

Changing file permissions

If you are a new WordPress user and you don’t have much idea about changing the file permissions, then you must know that it is always necessary for you to change file permissions as soon as possible after the installation. If you want to keep your files secure, then you should immediately restrict the file permission. If you are the owner of the website, then you can easily change permissions by using an FTP program. You can click on ‘File Permissions’ and then you can change CHMOD value to 744 and it will make sure that the owner of the website has the full permission to access the files.

Create regular backups

One of the most important things that you need to focus on is to create regular backups. Anything can happen to your database at any time. You need to be sure that you have created a backup of your website so you can restore it without any hassle. There are multiple WordPress backup plugins that you can use for this purpose. Plugins like BackupBuddy and BakcWPUP can help you take regular and scheduled backups of your WordPress site. If you have backups of your WordPress site, then you can easily restore your site to the last live version.

Always look for secure cloud hosting

If you are trying to close all the security loopholes, then you should always focus on the hosting environment. Your web hosting will play a very important role in securing your WordPress website. If you want to get rid of all the security issues, then you should consider selecting a secure cloud hosting for your website. If you are shifting your website to the performance cloud servers, then it will improve things security wise. You can also achieve multiple benefits including backups, file sharing and easy storage. For the selection of the right cloud hosting server, you can do your research and compare the possible options to make the right decision.

When you are trying to secure your WordPress site, then you must know that there are various easy ways to do so. You can always keep your website away from different hacking attempts. However, you should always focus on good security practices to keep your WordPress site secure so you can avoid all the potential security threats.

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