The Best Secure WP File and Download Management Solution

The CM WordPress File Manager Plugin is a superb solution to build a file sharing directory similar to Google Drive or Dropbox on your WordPress site.

Securely upload different file types, give file access based on user permissions, create payment plans to access file downloads, and much more!

File Sharing Dashboard

Create a file sharing directory where users can upload and download files to and from your site.

Unique File Download Page

Every file uploaded will create a unique landing page with single file preview, support forum, download links and the ability to monitor the file’s download activity.

The download landing page contains such valuable features as:

Searchable Database

The plugin creates an index page listing all downloads by category, allowing multi level browsing and easy filtering by topic.

File downloads can be located by searching for keyword or tag, letting your users quickly find what they need. Users can search files, preview and download files, compressing multiple files associated with one download into a zip file.

Multiple Shortcodes

Embed prefiltered download lists, user dashboards, and more using shortcodes on any post or page.

User Dashboard

Each user receives their own user dashboard, from which they can manage their own downloads.

Social Integrations

Users can register and login with their Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. Fully integrated with BuddyPress, users can display their BP profile information alongside download stats.

File Password Protection

All downloads can be password protected or made accessible to specific user groups, letting you easily control who has access to which files.

User Verification

Choose whether to require users to enter their name and email before downloading a file. This lets you easily track which users download which file, and can also be used to quickly grow your email list.

Downloads Access Settings

Thanks to a highly detailed access permissions infrastructure, the document management plugin lets you choose whether a file will be password protected, restricted to specific users, or user groups.

File Sharing Access Restrictions – The site admin can manage member access permissions, moderate uploads, and restrict permitted file types to make sure your online library stays free of spam.

Single User Access – Restrict access of specific files to a single user. With this setting users can see their own files uploaded and those shared by the admin, but not the files of other users.

Download Stats and Reports

Track which users download which files using a detailed download log system, complete with geolocation data and much more.

Email Notification

Notify file authors when uploads have been approved or a comment is posted to their file’s forum. Send email notifications to users when a category they are following has new uploads.

Monetize Your Download Library

The CM File Download Manager plugin is integrated with other CreativeMinds plugins, so you can easily add other major features.

These include charging payments per download (via a virtual wallet with CM Micropayments Plugin or EDD payment platforms with the CM Payments Addon) and allowing anonymous users to upload files (via CM Anonymous Posting Addon).

Download Manager Plugin Localization and Supported Languages

Easy Localization

All frontend labels can be easily changed to any language so the user interface will speak your language. Additionally we have PO/MO files for many languages covering all plugin frontend interaction.

Supported languages include: Polish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch, and Portuguese.

We will be happy to assist with building other PO/MO files upon user request.

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