Mother nature may be winding down as the leaves start to change color and summer’s flowers have faded, but here at WHSR we are just now starting to ramp up. September was a busy month. We had posts on a wide variety of topics to help you make your website better than ever, interviews with experts, and more hosting reviews to help you find the perfect host for your website.

Secure WordPress

Vishnu Supreet has been hard at work investigating ways to enhance your WordPress sites with various plugins. In 5 Steps to Secure a WordPress Login Page, he shared the importance of not only creating a unique address for logging into the control panel but how creating a strong password and weird username can save you from hackers.

He then dug a bit further into the problem that many WordPress blog owners have and took a look at How to Stop Spammers on Your WordPress Site.

Train and Entertain Your Brain

We had a lot of articles in September that got our readers thinking, talking and hopefully learning new techniques and information to help them be better website entrepreneurs. Lori Soard delved into why multitasking is no longer recommended by experts and the science behind multitasking and productivity loss. She then shared ways to train your brain to stay focused on blogging tasks so you can work quickly and more efficiently.

She also had the opportunity to interview James Reynolds of SEO Sherpa and Click Jam fame. James had a ton of useful tips to help with search engine ranking, reaching out to readers and driving more traffic to your website.

Luana Spinetti then chimed in with some ideas to help you out if you are a startup on a tight budget in her piece titled Domain Name Budgeting Between TLD Price Rises and the Crisis. If you’re struggling to stay afloat right now, you’ll definitely want to check out her practical and very usable tips.

Gina Badalaty also had an expert interview this month with Jennifer Auer who shared tips for building a local blog. If you’ve been thinking about expanding to your local market or markets, you’ll really enjoy this piece.

On a tight budget with your promotions? Lori has a ton of ideas for how you can promote your site with only $10 here and $10 there to grow your traffic and your loyal readers. Not every idea is Internet based either!

New Hosting Reviews

As always, Jerry Low created some in-depth, reliable research for you on some of the web hosting companies out there.

First, he took a look at InterServer, a New Jersey-based company, and a budget friendly option. The company offers shared, VPS and dedicated hosting starting at only $3.85/month. Don’t let that low price fool you, though. Jerry gave them a 5-star rating. Find out what impressed him so much about this hosting company, starting with the fast load speeds.

Jerry also took the time to secure a test account for eHost and check out what they have to offer. They are a bit more limited with Shared Hosting only, but they also are very inexpensive. Find out what he liked, didn’t like and whether this company is right for you in Jerry’s eHost Review.

October Sneak Peak

Make sure you come back and see us throughout October. We have some really exciting articles coming up on topics such as displaying related posts, making your blog more attractive to advertisers, building your blog dungeon master style, and even more creative ways to monetize your blog. Bookmark us now and let us know what you think.

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